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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pop up Crib Nursery Baby Card

I recently made this card with my Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot, and it was so cute, I just had to share it! 

I started with a card base that was 7 x 6 inches. I put a piece of paper 4 x 12 on the bottom of the inside of the card to make a wall paper effect. A 3x12 piece makes the paper above the chair rail(which was a piece of ribbon).
The front of the card is a door which say's baby's room and shh! baby sleeping. Of course, if you know the name of the baby, you could add it! The doorknob was a bead attached with strong craft glue.

Inside is a crib that will fold up when the card is folded. It isn't quite flat, but pretty close! Glue crib head board insets. Glue crib bumpers on each side of the crib.  Assemble crib, folding as needed(darn, i took off the fold lines when i made it). The fold line is at the edge of the head board.. Attach the two sides of the crib to the walls of the room(er card). I used red tape because it is strong and adheres instantly. You might even use a glue gun. There is a dresser, window and curtains all in the cut file. Assemble the dresser. The drawer pulls were beads.Make the window and attach to the wall. I printed out the sign from the web. Look for nursery art you can buy. Or make something in microsoft word.

The svg file for the card adornments(crib, dresser, window and curtains, door) is

For picture of the room inside

For the door signs, the word document is

To make the mobile, I followed instructions at 
but I used punched out bears instead of the dew drops. Do the mobile first as it takes time to dry. Or use a low temp hot glue gun to speed things up.

Anyway, welcome back to my blog. If this works, I'll start posting some of my old fonts and stuff. I'm going to be doing some digital scrapbooking layouts using the mymemory software too.


Sue from Oregon said...

Super cute!

linda from arizona said...

So cute! I wondered what happened to you as I haven't found you anywhere on the net. So glad to see you again. Thanks for the files.

Barb said...

Welcome Back, Denise!!! And thanks for the cute card! You haven't lost your touch! ;o)

cma21317 said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice! Are we to say welcome back? Hope all is well thanks!

Lena_J said...

Another great file.. You are amazing.. Thanks for sharing your talent with us :-)