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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Breast Cancer Svg Package...Free Svgs

Download the svg files to make all these cut outs for your breast cancer survivor and breast cancer fund raisers. Breast Cancer Awareness month is coming up in October. Maybe these files will help you make posters and increase contributions. 

 you make posters and increase contributions.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Free Baby furniture Svg Files

There is a crib, cradle, play pen, carriage and high chair. I hope they still work, as I haven't cut them in a while. Let me know if there are any problems.

MY Memories Suite Software Double Discount Code!

I am excited to tell you about My Memories Suite. It is a quick, easy and fun way to create digital scrapbooks online. I have my own large format printer so I print my pages at home, but you also have the option to order a professionally printed book from My Memories, with a hard or soft cover. The great thing about that is scrap it once, print multiple copies for the bride and groom, mother of the bride, and in-laws.

  Once  I installed My Memories Suite onto my laptop and I was making my first album in a matter of minutes. It is the easiest-to-use scrapbook software  and there is lots of content available in the My Memories store. When you buy it, it comes with a bunch of free content you can start using once you download and install it. You can buy completely done templates where you just drag in your pictures, or kits with paper and embellishments you can arrange the way you want.  With this product, I am up to date on all my own scrapbooking, so I have to borrow projects from friends. My friend gave me her daughters wedding photos she had been intending to scrap for ten years, and in just 3 days I had all the photos in a forty page album ready to be printed. She is thrilled.

I think the program is easy enough for any one  to use. You have controls to pick a background, add embellishments, add photos or photo boxes(where you can drag in your photos later) cropping them to any size or shape in the library. You can add text or Word Art.  If an embellishment is the wrong color, there are all kinds of ways to pick the perfect color like picking it from the bridesmaids dress or any part of the page. It is easy to find an embellishment that works because there is a search feature. Looking for a heart? Just enter heart in the search field, Want something Pink?

So here is the awesome part...  The company who makes My Memories Suite gave me this promo code STMMMS79141 that I can share with my family and friends.  By using this code at MyMemories.com, you can get $10 off My Memories Suite (you get it for $29.95 instead of $39.95) AND you also get a $10 gift certificate to use in their online store which is great because that is a great way to get started. As an affiliate, I get a little something too if you use my code to buy the software. It is a win, win situation!

MyMemories Suite 5 Feature

MyMemories Suite 5 scrapbooking software provides the design tools that will help you to build entire albums effortlessly using the many installed templates, or starting your own pages from scratch. This user-friendly software is great for beginners and design pros alike.

Creating your project
Use one of the large selection of designer templates to jump start your project or start from scratch to make your exactly the way you want it.
Drag and drop photos and embellishments easily using the gallery.
Project Sizes
Custom Canvas Sizes to fit your project needs.
Use the Global search to quickly find embellishments, backgrounds, shapes and imprints installed in the software.
Use papers installed in the software or browse for other content on your computer. With the “Apply to All” feature the software will automatically add the same background paper or color to all of your pages.
Use elements installed in the software or browse for other content on your computer. Add a drop shadow or change the color of your page elements. You can also resize, mirror, flip and rotate them individually or as a group.
Edit your photos with Crop, Flip, Mirror, Color, Matte, Drop Shadow, Red Eye, Rip, Tile and Shape. Add a filter like Fish Eye, Black and White, Sepia, Darken, Brighten, Blur, Sharpen, Negative, Emboss, Sketch and more.
Choose font, size, bold, italic, alignment and color. Use Word Art Designer to create custom Headlines with bevel, emboss, gradients, color, outline, drop shadows, warp or shape, or paste images into text.
Fill shapes with papers, images, color or text. Also add a matte and drop shadow. Export shapes as SVG files for your electronic die cutter.
Imprints act much like a stamp. Change color or size and add drop shadows.
Our interactive calendar feature will let you easily change from one year to the next. Customize the font, color, size, numbers, borders, month and year.
Create your own paint layer on your page. Change the color and size.
Check or change album properties, interactive preview, Spell check, Error check and select the Project Supply List to see a list of all the items used in creating your pages.
Export your project directly to professional printing services for your photobooks or calendars or print at home. Export your project as a png, jpg or svg file formats.


Monday, June 2, 2014

A great Source for Free Digital Paper...Mel Stampz

The Mel Stampz  blog is a great source for free digital paper and overlays that you can use to make your own paper too.

This recent post gives detailed instructions on how to find the paper on flckr and how to download it.

Clicking here will display something like this which shows all of her sets of digital papers. Pick the individual paper you want to download.

Follow Mel's step by step instructions on how to save the paper to your computer for your own use.

There are many great patterns of scrapbooking paper  to be found at MelStampz.blogspot.com. What are you waiting for?

WHile you are at MelStampz, check out all the great boxes and templates designs she offers for free. It is a great site full of many projects, instructions, and demos.

Thanks Mel for all you do!

Create Your Own Scrapbooking Paper..Digital or Print

ScrapColoring’s Pattern Generator features 48 patterns from tartan plaid to flowers and polka dots and any of them can be rendered in your choice of colors and at any of 5 pattern sizes, so you can pick the one that works with your project. Solids and gradient fills are available as well.  The ability to download the results in a .png file large enough to print a 12 x 12 page at 300 dpi makes this a great tool for generating your own digital scrapbook paper. You can then use this paper in My Memories Suite  V5 Software to create digital layouts.

ONE NOTE:  the scrapbook paper saved in the file had a white border at the bottom with the name of the web site. In My Memories it didn't work well when I tried to create a picture frame or shape with the paper, as the white area showed in my creation. I would use GIMP or Inkscape or any image editing software package to remove the white area before trying to use in My Memories.

All you have to do is to choose a pattern, its size and its colors.

You pick two colors, one for the foreground and one for the background. You then select the "pattern" you want on the paper. You can change the spacing or scale  too. Reverse the foreground and background colors by selecting the arrows between the two colors.

To save your file click on the disk shaped icon next to the printer. \

MAKE SURE YOU ALLOW POP UP WINDOWS in your browser, or you won't see the window to allow you to pick file name and save your paper.

Here is a page made using some created paper in My Memories Suite V. It is nice how the colors match perfectly since you get to select them.

You can print the paper onto white cardstock, and then cut it with your cutting machine like Cricut.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to create some scrapbook paper of your own when you just can't find what you need online or in your saved files.

ONE NOTE:  the scrapbook paper saved in the file had a white border at the bottom with the name of the web site. In My Memories it didn't work well when I tried to create a picture frame or shape with the paper, as the white area showed in my creation. I would use GIMP or Inkscape or any image editing software package to remove the white area before trying to use in My Memories.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Make this Beautiful Circle Side Step Fairy Card

Download file to make this card

The svg file is made for cutting on your cutting machine using Sure Cuts A Lot or Make The Cut. There are two 12x12 mats full to cut. Use two contrasting colors, one for each mat. I used white to make the card and flowers. Gold to make the butterflies and fairies.You will see the fold lines indicated by tiny dashes cut beside the slit in the circle.
from this blog shows how to fold the circle card.

You can decorate the card with the cut out fairies butterflies and flowers anyway you want.

My Memories Design Club Gives You Great Content Each Month

 Join the Design Club

Click here for more information about Design Club

I love the My Memories Design Club. I get access to 8 free kits every month. You get many background papers, embellishments and alphabets. Some kits contain templates where you can just slide in your pictures where others give you all the design elements to create just the layout you want. It is only $5.99 to join up, and you can cancel at anytime. As a bonus, you get 16 free kits the first month. Check it out and you will see that if you are a Memory Suite user, you should join the club. By the way, you can download the kits in flat files that can be used in any image software application too.

Make a Scrapbook Page with Squircles

Squircles? That is right. I said Squircle. What is a Squircle? It is a photo of something round in the middle of a square surrounding the circle. Here are some examples:

What can you use them for? You can make a sort of photo quilt to commemorate an event such as a wedding or baby birth.  Here is one example:

I made this for my daughter's wedding. I included squircles from the things they like to do together like Disney World or Universal. Also their favorite sports teams are include, Bengals, Red Sox, Cleveland. I turned photos of them into squircles too.

Where can you find Squircles?

I searched on flckr. I believe you have to create an account, but it is free.  You can search for z squircles for example to find all the photos with Z in them.  To save them, I used snip it tool on my computer to copy the image in the square.

I created this my memories v 5 blank template which contains a six by six matrix of squircles.

Other examples of squircles used in scrapbooking:

Make a mask object to block some squircles like this

For this one i made the square in the middle the size of 4 squares so we could have a larger squircle focal point.,

You can see I still need more photos, I think they are on my laptop!

You don't have to fill the squares in with squircles. You can use any image. Then you get a quilted effect.

Here is how mine looks filled in. The squares on the edges were just filled in with Christmas Paper. This is an easy way to feature a lot of photos on a single page. The embellishments come from packages in the My Memories Club. Membership is just 5.99 a month.

I hope this has given you some new scrapbooking ideas.