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Friday, January 9, 2015

Owl Valentine's Day Box

I saw a box like this on Pinterest, and decided we needed an svg file so we could make the boxes easily on the Cricut or other cutting machine.

I made one and here it is for you to download and use too.  Download Owl Box File

It cuts two owl boxes at once.

Though paper eyes are included, I used some googley wiggle eyes I had in the cabinet instead.  The paper layout is shown to give you an idea of how to cut everything in the file in a single cut. The solid pink is 12x6(owl box and wings), the middle row is 3x3(black), 3x3(white), and 3x6(pink feet and beak).
The floral is 3x12, or you can use two 3x6 pieces if you want the head and body to be different prints.

Some more ideas I saw on the web:

What is a pillow box?
The box will have small perforations where the drawn lines are in the picture above. Score on the straight lines and glue. Then carefully push in the flaps along the lines, leaving it some what pointy.

If you look carefully you will see some of the owl boxes on my friends beautiful Valentines Day tree!


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K Andrew Designs said...

This is absolutely owl some!!! I love it and so perfect for upcoming Valentine treats:::
Also your newest follower