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Monday, March 2, 2015

Fofucha Dolls...Say What?

A fofucha is the portuguese word for dolls crafted from Foam, styrofoam balls and wooden dowels. 

So what is Fofucha? Well, I don't  speak Spanish or Portuguese. In Brazil,  it means "super cute" and since it ends with an "a" it's in female context. Fofuchas are becoming increasingly popular in Brazil ( I believe that is where the actual craft technique originated) and the rest of South America. 

Well I agree, the dolls made are Super Cute.  Here are some I made.

The technique involves heating up the fun foam, then stretching it over a styrofoam ball. It takes the shape of the ball. There are some online tutorials. Here is one I used  Fofucha Pen Doll to get started.

Then I ordered this book, which had very clear instructions, and lots of pictures. I used it to make the doll wearing purple.

Because I didn't want to paint on the eyes, I made eye decals. You can order decal paper online. It is clear or white. I used clear.  That way my eyes always come out great! 

I also used my cricut to cut out the foam with some success. It does leave random line in your design  If you heat up the foam they disappear. If you multicut using regular blade, it makes enough of a cut that you can "rip" out the pieces. This was great on the pen doll, where i had to cut lots of tiny leaves. The other doll pieces it isn't really worth it, because the foam is easy to cut by hand.

You used the pointed end of the stick, to trace the pattern pieces onto the foam

Check out fofucha on pinterest. You will find many great examples that will inspire you to start creating today! It is fun. Except for the hot iron and glue, kids could make them. In other words, with your supervision  it would be a great craft for preteens and teens.

The bunny slippers were made using the boo boo bunny folding technique found on instructables.


Much easier than the tennis shoes! I used felt instead of foam. Usually you make boo boo bunny out of a wash cloth to hold an ice cube on a hurt child.


LaLa said...

its so funny, i too recently fell in love with making fofucha dolls and i also began w/ Rosa's (scrapluv) fofucha pen doll tutorial to get started. I then purchased maribel torres' "make your own fofucha doll" mag. I swear as i read your post im saying ya me too repeatedly as I also used my cricut & then was able to tear the foam.... It stinks that most of the tutorials are not in english however I sometimes watch and can get an idea of what they are saying. I still have trouble perfecting the eyes! I have even purchased eye stamp & eye stickers from lisete owner of fofuchadolls&more @ fofuchadolls.com
the stamp is somewhat helpful but the stickers i felt did no justice for my poor eyeless fofucha.... thank you for sharing your cute creations i love to find good inspiration.... happy crafting

Denise Hoffman said...

I have started painting on the faces cutting out a template from clear acetate. It at least assures eyes and mouth and nose are symmetrical and in the right place

Plasztik Barbie said...
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Anonymous said...

I am a big lover of DIY and crafts and I must say I liked this post of yours. I wanted to use fofucha dolls in one of my party ideas but have not done that so far. However, after reading your post I will definitely try it.