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Friday, May 30, 2014

Fairy Font...Use with your cutter or My Memories Digital Scrapbooking

I created this fairy font for cutting on a cutting machine. Each letter has a fairy attached to it.  The lower case letters have the letter itself with the fairy on it.  The upper case letters have the fairy by herself. In this way you can get the two tone effect.
To use a font, you must install it first. Once installed, it should show up in your font list, just like any other font.

On a cutting machine:

Cut the letter and fairy out in one color, and the fairy by herself in a contrasting color.

In a digital scrapbooking program such as My Memories Suite 5

This font works best if you type each letter separately as the spacing isn't even, as it was made for cutting.
Click textAdd, set font size to 144. Select Fairy Cuts from the font list. Type in a single lower case letter from your word.
Then cut and paste that text box to make a new one. In the new text box, backspace, and type in upper case letter from your word(to keep the font size and selection set to the same thing.). Change the color of second letter to a contrasting color. Then Arrange Order Bring to front the fairy.

I then select both letters, Arrange align middle, 
                                       Arrange Align Center, 
                                         Arrange Group.

This should line up the fairy on top of the fairy in the letter. If the order is wrong(Fairy went behind the letter)
Arrange... Order... Bring to front   the fairy.

To download a zip file containing the font and the character map, click here          Download File

Don't forget to install the font first! Enjoy!


Sandra Meinlilapark said...

I'm so happy you're back again, Denise!!

♡ Sandra

Cissy Shields said...

This is Adorable!! I have to say this is the cutest font I've seen in a long time - Thank you for sharing your hard work :)

Denise From Boca said...

You are welcome!

JoAnn Lienert said...

These are just beautiful! Thank you!