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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Make a Scrapbook Page with Squircles

Squircles? That is right. I said Squircle. What is a Squircle? It is a photo of something round in the middle of a square surrounding the circle. Here are some examples:

What can you use them for? You can make a sort of photo quilt to commemorate an event such as a wedding or baby birth.  Here is one example:

I made this for my daughter's wedding. I included squircles from the things they like to do together like Disney World or Universal. Also their favorite sports teams are include, Bengals, Red Sox, Cleveland. I turned photos of them into squircles too.

Where can you find Squircles?

I searched on flckr. I believe you have to create an account, but it is free.  You can search for z squircles for example to find all the photos with Z in them.  To save them, I used snip it tool on my computer to copy the image in the square.

I created this my memories v 5 blank template which contains a six by six matrix of squircles.

Other examples of squircles used in scrapbooking:

Make a mask object to block some squircles like this

For this one i made the square in the middle the size of 4 squares so we could have a larger squircle focal point.,

You can see I still need more photos, I think they are on my laptop!

You don't have to fill the squares in with squircles. You can use any image. Then you get a quilted effect.

Here is how mine looks filled in. The squares on the edges were just filled in with Christmas Paper. This is an easy way to feature a lot of photos on a single page. The embellishments come from packages in the My Memories Club. Membership is just 5.99 a month.

I hope this has given you some new scrapbooking ideas.

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