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Friday, January 16, 2015

Paper Shamrock Wreath

Jennifer of The Craft Patch blog posted a Paper Shamrock that I thought was just right for St. Paddy's Day.

Link to original Paper Shamrock Creation and instructions

I have a room full of scrapbook paper and a Cricut, so I decided to take her instructions for hand cutting and turn it into a Svg file you can you use on your machine.  Because the Cricut can only cut 11.5 inches(not 12) the first strips need the last 1/2 inch cut by hand once it comes off the mat.

To use the file, there are five 12x12 mats of cuts. The first two are the dark green for the outside layer of the shamrock. The next two are the medium color. The final is the light color or for the inner loops of the leaves. To use within scal, set your mat to 12x12, and move the mat -12 to the right after you cut each mat.

File to cut Shamrock wreath

For assembly, you will do best to follow the original tutorial. I did "sew" my strips together instead of glue.

 Using a low temp hot glue gun would work quickly too. I lose patience waiting for the other glues to dry!

To make the medallion in the middle, I cut two 12x12 strips of paper 1 inch wide and glued end to end. I scored the paper every .25 inches. Then you accordion fold the paper. Flatten and glue to a piece of card board. Add shamrock in the middle.

Link to original Paper Shamrock Creation and instructions

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