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Monday, February 2, 2015

Love Letters

You can make these three layer letters in a box. These are set up to cut at 4 inches. but you can move things around to and resize to make them larger. Those shown were about 6 inches. The size of the heart was 4 inches. I cut these in scal2 on my cricut expression using the svg files below.  You can hang these on the wall  or set them on a solid surface. I have seen them attached to a ribbon and hanging on the wall vertically.

Make box back. I scored the box to make crisper folds. Make box front(I added piece of clear acetate paper in window). To assemble, place the three layers of letters on top of each other, separating with foam dot spacers. The fatter layer goes in the back. Cut 4x4 piece of contrasting paper for the back of the box(if you want). Add letter stack. Add lid to box.

Download L
Download O
Download V
Download E
Download Heart

Whole alphabet below

Alphabet and boxes


Juanita said...

I think this is really pretty. Thank you. How did you make the box?

Denise Hoffman said...

I give you the file to make each letter in a box. you cut out three layers of the letters, and put spacers between them to make them look more three dimensional. I just used extra tacky glue to make the boxes . I put a piece of clear plastic in the window on the front of the box.

JoAnn Lienert said...

Any chance of you coming back online? I would really love the rest of the alphabet. Thanks so much for sharing!You really make awesome files!